C’mon Irene

I live on the East Coast of Virginia and those of you in safer ground know that lately we’ve had some freaky things happen lately. There was the earthquake earlier this week and now there is the wonderful Irene. Where I live it’s a mandatory evacuation. Sadly, hardly anyone wants to leave. Except for me. I am pregnant and if I don’t feel that my house is safe or the safest place for me, then I will leave. The problem is, my husband won’t leave with me. This is a very bad situation for me. It is literally a fucked if I do and fucked if I don’t situation. I need to think about the baby, so I am leaving. However, I don’t want to lose my husband. I need honest prayer in my life right now. I want him so bad to leave with me. I am begging him. Hell, I am using the internet which I know he’ll read. I just want him to trust my instincts or to have faith in me enough to leave with me. He is constantly saying that we have nothing valuable in our house when I question him about robbers. Why would it matter if we left the house for one weekend? Please, have us in your minds, hearts, and prayers as we are going through this difficult time. And by we, I don’t just mean my family…. I mean anyone in Virginia who is deciding to stay during a mandatory evacuation.

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