Growing Pains

Everyone in English speaking countries should know this term. And no, I’m not talking about the Kirk Cameron television show, though I have to admit, I never missed a rerun when I was little. What I’m talking about are actual growing pains. Now, I’ve never experienced them myself, but apparently they are real. My little brother, now four inches away from being taller than me, and my little sister experience them yearly. It has something to do with the fact that they grow so fast.

I don’t know if everyone gets them, but I sure as hell don’t pity my younger siblings. I cannot remember a time where I did have those kind of pains. Sure, I do have the scars to prove I’ve grown. They are called stretch marks. But I doubt a person’s buttocks will give them pain as it grows. I don’t think I ever had the time to feel them, since my growth was unfortunately stunted in the fifth grade. Yes, that’s right, I really have not grown much since fifth grade. Sure I had the Freshman Fifteen, for me more like fifty, but I never grew past the modest petite size of 5’3″.

I remember a time when I was one of the taller girls, only seconded by Meghan, who somehow was able to tower everyone at 5’6″ or possibly 5’7″. But that did not last long. One: Because I moved to a new state. Two: Because somehow boys found the fountain of height during their sixth and seventh grade year. I’ve always envied the fact that they could find that fountain. I’ve been to the fountain of youth, and though I’m happy to say that now, I wasn’t so much back then.

Anyways, I’m just wondering just how many people have felt growing pains, or is this just a minor group of people? Am I yet again a part of the larger statistic when it comes to pain during growing or am I one of the lucky few who can laugh at a child? I still can’t understand how I got the short gene. All of my younger siblings will be taller than me, except for one… and he’s in a wheelchair. I married a shorter guy, and may have a short child, but then again… my child may tower the both of us like those of my viking ancestors.

Being short just plain sucks.

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