The Sniffling, Needy, Teething Baby

It just so happens to be that point in my life. You know the one. My Bug is teething. Right now he has his bottom one with no incidents. However, that doesn’t count the rest of his mouth. Oh no, handsome is waking up every 2-3 hours crying. Most likely about his achy gums (this time an upper is making its debut).
To top it off, the poor boy is sniffling and has a runny nose. There isn’t a fever, but he’s definitely more needy than usual. I just now applied some kind of soothing stuff to his gums and have been wiping his nose. He’s tired, but I’d rather wait before taking him back to bed.
I guess we won’t be going out tomorrow… errr… later today. I had planned to go out with my grandparents for sushi, but it’s best I don’t since the Bug isn’t feeling like himself.

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