55 Days and Counting

It will be 55 days until January 1st 2013. It will also be 55 days until my Second Draft deadline. I had to give myself one or else I would never finish it. The real sad thing is, I’m still stuck in chapter one blues. It should be considered a real disorder, it feels that bad.

On a plus note, I have moved my litter boxes so now the cats don’t go at the kitchen entryway. I guess they were having issues about where it was before. My baby boy is doing well too. Bug’s now standing up braced against furniture. He’s doing the single hand hold, slight cruising, and is hamming it up to cameras. If you have one out, he’ll stop crying and smile. Also, he’s said his first phrase. “Mama” is his first word, but “Hey there” is his first phrase. He mostly says it to pretty girls, not me.

Well, time to get the Bug and do some writing. After all, I’m stuck on chapter one. I’m hoping to get to chapter two by this time tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “55 Days and Counting”

    1. Thank you. What’s worse is that I have to completely rewrite the whole chapter. It really makes for a difficult time. ^_^

      1. I’ve realized I lost my way with the novel a bit, and the start doesn’t completely make sense with the ending. I feel like I’ve got my hands filled with all these loose ends and I need to tie them together somehow!

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