Something Fun and New

If you are reading my reviews, you can probably see a trend in what I read the most. Yep, I read a lot of Young Adult Paranormal fiction. It might be because that’s the field I want to write in, but let’s be honest, it can sometimes be tiring not reading something else. And so, a friend of mine gave me an idea.
She doesn’t really know about the idea she gave me. BUT, she recommended a book and it was interesting enough for me to place it on hold at my library. Is there a book that you find quirky or interesting enough to recommend? There are a lot that I’ve already read, but I would love to hear other ideas.
It’s about time I broaden that horizon.

2 thoughts on “Something Fun and New”

    1. I remember reading it, but that was during college and I can’t quite remember the book itself. I think I’m going to reread that now. Thanks for the suggestion!

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