I decided to dabble with painting. I mean, why not? So, yesterday I went ahead and started on a piece of work I now call VOICES. The background of VOICES is that it’s inspired from a recurring dream/nightmare.
The nightmare is me in a chair in a dark room. There is no light, just complete darkness. I can hear laughter and voices talking over me. Though I can’t hear specific words, their tone says it all. They are making fun of me. I open my mouth to scream or say something, but nothing ever comes out. Everything goes silent then. It is completely dark and silent.
I remember having this dream when I was in Kindergarten. I’ve been having this dream throughout the years since that day. Sometimes it’s just a feeling. The same dread and loneliness that I feel in the dream. Sometimes it’s the actual dream. But I keep having this dream. It had gotten bad enough that I had tried to write a story about it, but I couldn’t gather my thoughts or express the emotion well enough. And so, I decided to paint how I feel about the dream and life itself. It’s nice having a physical representation of something that haunts you. It makes it malleable, real, and easy to defeat. A concept is difficult to fight. And so, I present you a picture of VOICES.


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