Book Seventeen of 2013: VELOCITY by Abigail Boyd



VELOCITY is the last installment to the GRAVITY SERIES by Abigail Boyd, an independent author. I fell in love with her first book, GRAVITY, and had to jump into the others as soon as possible. If you read my reviews for UNCERTAINTY and LUMINOSITY, then you would know that I devoured them both in one day. VELOCITY was no different.

VELOCITY starts where LUMINOSITY ends. We see the after effect of everything from the first three books. In this book, we get the answers that have been bugging us all through the series.

Like in the other books, Boyd presents a story that I wasn’t quite expecting. I like what happens, but I do wish she could have done more with the ending. There were people in there that I didn’t see being bad guys and I wish she had taken the opportunity in presenting subtle clues. However, I can understand her choice in not doing so because our narrator is a teenager who doesn’t know the full truth. It keeps true to the characters and reminds readers that there is such a thing as an unreliable narrator.

Though I think she could have prolonged it or made it deeper, the book is good and the series doesn’t disappoint. She writes like a teenager thinks and I can’t wait to see more that she has to offer. For an independent author, she’s good. The GRAVITY SERIES is definitely worth checking out.

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