Book Twenty-Seven of 2013: FATE by Amanda Hocking



Fate – the second installment in the My Blood Approves series…
Alice Bonham thinks she’s finally found a balance in her life between the supernatural and real life with her brother Milo. Jack – her sorta vampire boyfriend – keeps her at arm’s length to keep her safe. As for his brother Peter… she’s not sure where he’s at, or what he wants with her. Worse still, she’s not even sure what she wants with Peter.
When tragedy happens, Alice finds herself struggling with a terrible choice. Her decision has consequences that reach farther than she’d ever imagined…

As opposed to MY BLOOD APPROVES, FATE is a quicker and easier read from the beginning. I wasn’t piling through an inactive first half just to get to a storyline that moved. The characters are just as lovable as before. If anything, I’m more in love with Milo, Alice’s brother, now than I was before. He really grew into his own. Alice was mildly relateable, but there was a bit of inner monologues that could ward off a person who would rather read action all day. Honestly, I didn’t think the inner workings of Alice are as bad as some other characters in other books. So, I could live with it.

There is more action in this book, but not enough life threatening tension. Which you would think a vampire novel would have, but for some reason a lot of YA authors try not to delve on it as much as others. Granted, I did like seeing more of Hocking’s world of vampires. There was a dash of their history and a pinch of more interesting vampire characters. It’d be nice if there’s more of them, which I’m sure there would be given the ending. Sorry, guys, no spoilers here.

Anyways, for a quick and fun read, this is a good book to delve into. But, I’d advise reading the first one if you haven’t. Not only will you know the characters better, you will also see a growth in Hocking’s writing style. Something I personally like to do.

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