A Reward System

Every writer uses the same advice to other writers: WRITE. My problem is sticking to the writing. NaNoWriMo was a fairly easy exercise to stick to, but that’s because I’m highly competitive and my friends also participate in the event. The problem is sticking to writing every day when I don’t have that competitive motivation.
Other writers have said to treat their writing like a job. My problem with that is that I don’t have that much of a great work ethic. I mean, I do. I don’t intentionally do a bad job and I try to do more than I am capable of. When people are trusting me, I am a good worker. The problem is, writing from home isn’t really a job like setting. I don’t have a boss to talk to for help. I don’t have a paycheck every other week. I have a husband and a son. Neither of which are bossy when it comes to my writing.
Off topic, but not really, I have a huge book addiction. Which isn’t a big deal, but I want a new home more than new books so I’m trying to not spend as much money as I tend to do.
In order to solve these two problems, I have figured out a reward system. I’m thinking of taking out some money once a month to use like a “paycheck”. I will not keep myself from spending it or saving it. I think by doing this, I’m giving myself a book allowance and a writing reward. The catch? I have to write AT LEAST 1000 words a day. Every day.
I’m hoping this will help in my writing ethic, my potential publishing, and my basic self esteem. I’m going to give it a month, but I think I can do this. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “A Reward System”

  1. Some advice that I keep seeing floating around is just write every day. Don’t wait until you’re inspired. Write something anything, every day. Do you work better under pressure? I only ask because it seems like you put a lot of pressure on yourself and are disappointed when you fall short of an intended goal. Just keep doing what you can to encourage yourself. Remember that it’s okay to have a crappy day of writing. (I often have to remind myself of this as well!) I hope your reward system works in your favor my dear!

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