A Rating System

I’ve been doing reviews now for two years and have been doing them on Goodreads as well as this blog. I’m not entirely sure how many readers really care about my opinions on books, but I feel that I might need to think of a rating system.

Goodreads has a five star system and I’ve been doing that, but the labels for each star don’t really express my opinions acurately. I feel that when I review books on Goodreads, the message doesn’t reflect the stars. No matter how many times they reflect the labels of those stars. It actually does take a lot for me to go “OMFG! Amazing!” and yet, there is a large number of five stars I’ve given. Likewise, I didn’t dislike FIFTY SHADES OF GREY at all, but the labels of the stars deemed it a two out of five. When in reality… I’d give it a three.

I guess I could ignore the labels, but I find myself always looking at them when I’m presenting my opinion. I’m still trying to figure this out. Maybe I’ll do a rating system on here. Maybe I won’t. But, it is something I should contemplate.

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