Book Twenty-Six of 2014: FAIRY GODMOTHERS ARE FOR WIMPS by Laurel Veil


Once upon a time, there was nothing magical about the life of Haley Elizabeth. When she wasn’t procrastinating or hanging out with her best friend Sara, she was making “so-so” grades at Spring Hills Middle School-unlike her brainy, cheerleading, musically talented sister Hannah.
But now things have turned around for Haley, since she’s made the acquaintance of Ms. Juniper Hagglesworth: a language arts teacher by day, and fairy godmother by night, who is able to get her out of just about any jam.
The thing is, Ms. Hagglesworth’s magic comes at a pretty serious price-one that Haley may not be able to completely repay. Worse yet, there is someone or something out to get her who seems to have a few magical powers of its own, and that could mean grave danger for Haley and the people she loves most.
Can Haley get a grip on this magical mayhem before it’s too late? Or will her situation take a strange and surprising turn? Find out in this humorously enchanting new book, specifically geared towards young readers in elementary and middle school grades.

This book is geared towards elementary and middle school students, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t enjoyable. I found the ending to be pretty predictable, but for a young child the ending is filled with a bunch of action and will bring them to the edge of their seats.

Haley is an average middle school student. She is a procrastinator and is jealous of her older sister. She feels that her parents don’t see her and her classmates care just as much. All she has is her best friend and soon, the attention of her favorite teacher. In the end, she realizes she’s more important than she had imagined.

This book is great for little girls who feel like they have no place. It is also a good book to read to your child. My boy is still a bit young for a chapter book, but once he’s old enough or if he’s interested in this, I would love to read the book again and see it in his eyes. It’s an adorable read that shows the power of friendship.

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