Book Thirty-Eight of 2014: UNDER MY THUMB by Abby Reynolds

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Prudence sets out with her band to Los Angeles to make it big. Leaving behind London is difficult for her, but not because she fears she’ll be homesick. She’s never coming back. And her brother has no idea.
After she arrives, she performs one of her first shows. But little does she know, an admirer sits in the audience. She hypnotizes him and draws him in, making him immediately smitten. The obsession starts.
Cash is determined to be alone with this girl. After extreme lengths to share a quiet whisper, they agree on a spring fling. After the horrible break up Prudence had with her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to be hurt again. Cash’s reasons are still a mystery.
They spend the summer together, but their romance takes different avenues that Cash didn’t predict. He has a very strict set of rules with his women and he never breaks them…until Prudence.
And Prudence didn’t think she could trust someone as much as she trusts Cash. There isn’t just a strong physical relationship between them. For the first time, she’s not afraid of another lie being fed to her, another sleepless night, or wondering where he’s been. It’s the only stability she’s ever had.
After making her way into his heart, Cash struggles with his feelings. He’s been hurt before but can he risk being hurt again? His obsession for his musician grows stronger every day. The idea of her being with anyone but him is soul-crushing. And he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. Has he fallen in love? Is that possible? A gripping romance that will make your heart flutter, Under My Thumb is a classy tale of love coming from unlikely places.

Abby Reynolds is the pseudonym for independent author E.L. Todd. As you know, I have read quite a bit from her. The writing style is the same quick and easy to read style that E.L. Todd uses for the books under her name. Abby Reynolds is for her contemporary romance with more of a twist, whereas the E.L. Todd books are more realistic romances.

UNDER MY THUMB is the first book in a trilogy about Cash and Prudence. It does has some similarities in content with her other books, but there is a strong difference in the characters. Prudence is a much more stronger female lead. She doesn’t wallow in her inner pain and she makes her own decisions and follows through with them. She is my favorite heroine by Reynolds (Todd). Cash is an equally interesting male lead, though I would love to see more of him getting a backbone (he’s strong, but it took him a while to get the cahonies to admit love. Can’t tell you anything else).

The main story actually reminded me of 50 SHADES OF GREY in that the two characters have an agreement with their relationship. Cash and Prudence have a similar agreement that causes issues in themselves and how they see each other. Unbeknowest to the other, and themselves, love does blossom. It is the cliffhanging ending that gets you and really makes you want to smack them.

The romance goes through three books and all three are available on Amazon. I plan on getting to the other two sometime later. I have just to many in my TBR list at the moment, but I’m definitely going to finish this series. So far, this is my favorite from Todd’s (Reynolds’) work.

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