Book Forty-Four of 2014: A TASTE FOR KYLIE by Erika Foxx


This Book Is For Aged 18+ Readers!

Jackson is a sweet, tender and handsome man who works hard to take care of Kylie. They both come home in the evening, make dinner together, and then watch their favorite television shows before turning in. She’s loves Jackson in every way, and she thinks their sex life is amazing. But Jackson is tormented by his desire to make his fantasy come to life. He can’t get it out of his head. Jackson desperately wants to confide in Kylie if he is going make his fantasy a reality. When Jackson persuades Kylie to give up their evening routine to have a night on the town, she could never have known that what happens that evening will change her, and her marriage forever. Find out what’s in store for Kylie and Jackson in A Taste for Kylie.

I’m not that much of an Erotic reader, but sometimes I feel like a change. This is a seriously quick read and can be finished in two, maybe three hours tops. Whereas the writing and content is what would be expected in an erotic, I was hoping for a bit more.

The reader meets a loving and devoted married couple and learn that the husband, Jackson, is wanting just a tad bit more. He fantasizes his wife with another man. I feel that for an erotic, it has the sex (which is well written and has been the steamiest I have read in a long time), but I feel that more about the character dynamic would have made it better for me. I find I like characterization and the relationship just as much as the sex. Sure, we learn about the married couple, Kylie and Jackson, but we don’t learn much about the hot black man named Tristan. I feel that there should have been a bit more dynamic between the married couple.

There wasn’t much to convince Kylie to swing, which I found unusual given her character background. I really would have liked more. More of the couple trying to understand the new lifestyle, more of the sex, and more of the friendship that would (or could) eventually bloom from a swinging relationship. The characters seemed like they’ve been in the swinger life for years versus the fact of being absolutely new at it. I understand that eroitcism is supposed to be a fantasy brought to literature, but I feel that it wouldn’t have changed the content much if there was more to the story.

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