Book Forty-Nine of 2014: HAUNTED THINGS by Abigail Boyd


Recommended 17+ due to strong language, violence, and drug use.
Ash never thought she’d be living in a haunted house. She just wanted to get through her senior year. But when her father uproots them, their new house is the site of the infamous Moss murders ten years ago. Ash meets Aaron, the only surviving Moss son, and sparks ignite. She’s drawn to him and his darkness like nothing she’s ever felt before. But things are not as they seem, and Ash doesn’t know who to trust. Maybe history isn’t so dead after all. 
This book is episode one of a serial, and is approx. 20,000 words.

First, I should explain that this book is a serial (I had no idea what that was until I did research). In the awesome olden days of literature, books were published in pieces, which were called serials. Today, we don’t really see serials unless it is in a short story magazine or now in the Indie scene. What’s great about serials is that they are like TV shows in literary form. There are cons of it too, but really, I like the concept.

HAUNTED THINGS by Abigail Boyd is the first in a serial series about a girl who just moved to a new town. She learns the dark history of her house, a Lavendar Victorian (WANT!), and meets a young man with ties to the house. It is one of those “good for rainy days” reads. There’s mystery, ghosts, and the reader is instantly grabbed.

I would have finished this book last night, but my husband forced me to bed. Which is a good thing because our son likes to get up early. Anyways, this is a quick read. The writing pulls the reader in instantly, there isn’t any needless blah, and I was geniuinely freaking out when the main character was. I love reading ghost stories for that reason.

It’s a seriously awesome serial (haha). If you want a quick read that pulls you in, Abigail Boyd is the one for you. Besides, she wrote one of my first Indie novel series reads, GRAVITY. Which is also awesome, in case you wanted to know. One thing is for sure, I am anticipating a great experience in the upcoming episodes of this serial!

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