Book Fifty-Two of 2014: REX’D: WELCOME TO SCHOLOMANCE by J.B. Skelter and Jack Reher


MONDAYS. Oh, the horror. Going back to school after a nice weekend. Homework. Tests. Gym class. It’s even worse for Rex Gerard, the “new kid” at Scholomance High. Making friends, navigating the rough halls, avoiding trouble…
But on this particular Monday, it’s also Halloween. Rex’s favorite holiday. It was his mom’s too before she passed away. And today, Rex will learn exactly how she died and what his purpose is in this life as he unlocks the hair-raising mysteries and lurking monsters of Scholomance.
But is he… is ANYONE… ready?

** I received this free ARC from Curiousity Quills Press for an honest review**

Talk about a quick read. It took me a little while, but that’s due to family craziness (two year olds, I swear). However, this book is a quick read. It’s fairly fast paced, but doesn’t really get into the action until roughly halfway in. It is set all in one day though, which does help set the speed of the book. On top of that, the first chapter is an awesome opener. It really pulls you in.

REX’D: WELCOME TO SCHOLOMANCE is a teen/tween book written by the duo J.B. Skelter and Jack Reher. It is the origin story and beginning of a series centering on Rex Gerard, the new kid of Scholomance. The book is all about those delightful horror monsters that I love to delve into.

Now, for the older reader, you will notice right off the bat that some of the minor characters have names hearkening to well known horror stories. There is a Helsing and Poe, just to name a few. If you know the background of their obvious namesakes, you can probably figure out where they fall in the world of REX’D. Granted, none of those characters have become something even bigger just yet, but with their namesakes, I have a feeling there’s more in store.

That said, the book is enjoyable. If you love horror movies, books, or even Goosebumps, you will like this book. It is definitely for the younger teen, but it does have a way to inspire the adult readers to. For instance, there is an interesting tidbit of family history explained and a bit of literary history that has me wondering. I have no idea if the authors used their creativity for the things I’m hinting at. It is because of that that I want to delve back into my copy of DRACULA and curl up to FRANKENSTEIN.

It is that: authors inspiring readers to read classics, that gets me excited about books. REX’D definitely did that for me and I have no doubt that future readers will want to do the same.

Since this is the first book in a series, you can bet that it ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. I wonder what is in store for Rex Gerard.

Now, all I have to do is wait for my little one to go to bed… I’m feeling a horror movie marathon on the way. Love Halloween in July!

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