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A man wakes on a frozen battlefield when a scavenging couple finds him among the dead. As they nurse him back to health, he is struck with the horrible realization he can’t remember who he is or anything about his past. Taken in by the kind pair, he begins helping with their farm. She even takes him to meet her family, especially her single sister. The ideal life offered in the high mountains of Winigh is shattered when he sees a transport bringing enemy monsters to the shores below. Cut off by high snow on the pass, their fate will soon be the same as the town his company failed to protect in the last battle, if this estranged soldier cannot help them fight off the next wave of invaders. Even worse, the people of the town don’t trust this Selene soldier. He has a strange resistance to their folk magic which some say make him as dangerous as the enemies preparing to destroy them.

Salvation is a fantasy written by James Wymore and published by Curiosity Quills Press. For the blog tour, I requested an ARC of this book in order to review it. Here are my thoughts.

It is awesome! There are so many fantasy books that center around the same thing. You go into a bookstore and it’s either books about assassins, elves, or elvish assassins. Sure, there are other fantasy books, like Game of Thrones, that get you going, but not many out there with a new and interesting twist in the world. I feel that James Wymore’s Salvation has that interesting twist.

It was fairly easy to figure out the man’s history even though Wymore by no means lets you know until about seventy-five percent in. You are only given hints and have to figure it out. It is this mystery as well as the monsters attacking the town of Winigh that keeps you reading and wanting more.

I love military history and the war/battle scenes in any fantasy book or movie. I love watching them figure out how to fight and the tactics they use. Wymore does not leave out any details. You feel like you are in the battlefront with them. You feel for these people. The characters are well written and lovable which makes the hardships of war that more saddening for the reader. But, you see the hope and light in it as well.

The monsters are terrifying. I have no idea how to describe them. At one point the characters describe them as fishmen. However, there is a frog and alligator like quality to the enemy. It is thrilling and disturbing to see just how brutal they are. I have found myself cringing at times.

Overall, the world is well written and I would love to see more of it. I want to know why they are enemies. I want more. I’m not sure if there will be more stories about this world, but nevertheless, this world is not worth ignoring. Wymore is a creative storyteller. It is a book that you will devour (there’s a pun in there, but you have to read the book to get it).

Seriously, read this book. You can find it at Amazon today!

James Wymore

About The Author:

Tall tales and imagination filled James Wymore’s formative years as he moved around the American West.  Constantly in pursuit of a gateway to another world, he failed to find a literal door to another reality.  However, he learned to travel everywhere fantastic through writing.

As an adult, James voyaged to other continents, where new philosophies and cultures fed his desire to see life from different perspectives.  He then immersed himself in studying nature, in the hopes of finding a loophole.  Along the way, he continued creating stories about alternate worlds like the ones hiding just out of sight.

James finally settled in the Rocky Mountains with his pet wolf, Kilgore, and started publishing his work.  With three books and six short stories in print after just one year, he celebrates the best supernatural portal he’s found so far—the mind.


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