Book Sixty-One of 2014: Impossible Magic: Episode One by Abigail Boyd


Everything changes for Iris Archer the night that she discovers she’s a witch. She’s whisked away to a hidden school up in the mountains for witches, to hone her new magic. There she meets the gorgeous but cold Luke, and there is an instant attraction. He’s a necromancer, able to bring the dead back to life. There is an instant attraction between them, but that might lead to breaking the rules.

I seem to be getting into a few serials now. I really like them. Anyway, Impossible Magic by Abigail Boyd is a paranormal New Adult romance serial. I have just finished the first episode and I really like it.

Like most serials, the book is a quick one. Hey, it’s supposed to be and I like that. Impossible Magic is about a twenty something year old named Iris Archer. On New Year’s Eve she finds out she’s a witch. It doesn’t take long for Iris to be found by other witches and sent to a college for witches. Not much is told about the witch life, but apparently witches don’t grow into their power until around the end of puberty. Hence, the twenty somethings and some older teens in the school. It seems that most of the witches knew about their magic well before Iris which gives a mystery to who she is hereditary wise.

This episode is basically setting up the characters and place, but doesn’t skimp on hinting at more to come. I’m finding myself wondering who was Iris’ parents and why did she not know about being a witch. What’s up with the headmistress? Anyways, the romance factor in it would seem quick, but the first episode is in a month or two time span. There is a steamy part that made me excited for more to come.

So far, I’m not too sure on how I feel about the characters. However, that’s the great thing about serials: the readers have to read each episode before really grasping the characters. All in all, it’s looking exciting and I think I’m really going to like this serial.

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