Book Seventy-Five of 2014: Almost Lovers by Karisha Prescott



Prussia’s boyfriend, Robert, is all up in their neighbor Lydia’s Koolaid. Despite living with Robert, Prussia can’t keep him away from Lydia. She never even sees Robert anymore—most of their communications are notes left on the kitchen table as they miss each other like missiles in space.

Furious that Robert stood her up on their date night, Prussia goes running in the park. Too angry, she doesn’t realize that running in the park is not a bright idea—especially after a series of murders has rocked the city—until it’s too late. She’s attacked by someone intent on choking the life out of her.

Just when she believes she’s one breath from death, she’s saved by the elegant Sebastian who then delivers her to her apartment and smoothly secures a dinner date for the next night. Not sure what’s happened, Prussia only knows that life for her has changed forever.

Prussia is shocked to discover that her handsome savior is some sort of royalty and his grandmother is royalty personified. Knowing that she has to be honest with Sebastian, Prussia tells Sebastian that she has a boyfriend and they’re having a few problems, but they’re going to work everything out.

Sebastian isn’t buying her spin, but she could care less. Just because he’s handsome, wealthy aristocrat doesn’t mean he can have her. But, little does Prussia know that oh-so-smooth Sebastian has secrets that could get them both killed…and in knowing Sebastian, she’s going to discover hidden facets of herself that will rock her world, shaking it to its very core! If you want to read a riveting book with exciting, unforgettable characters ever, pick up Almost Lovers —you’ll never put it down!

Almost Lovers is a vampire romance written by Karisha Prescott. The book is written in mulitiple point of views which are labeled in the chapters. I don’t usually care for the multiple character thing unless there’s something going on in a separate country/city/etc. (like Game of Thrones) or if it’s the point of view of the hero and the heroine (which is almost every romance). However, Almost Lovers distinctly do that. Instead, the reader is given a view of the opposition to the Queen and what the Queen is hiding from her own people. It’s for the purpose for readers to understand the world Prescott has made without having to introduce Prussia to it early on.

Prussia is a girl with no real history. From what I gathered, she doesn’t have parents and I assume she’s lived in the system. Despite that, she seems to not let that sway her from thinking that her boyfriend loves her. The reader is introduced very early on that the guy isn’t worth her time and yet, Prussia keeps doing it. I wanted to smack her on numerous occasions. I understand letting your first love blind you, but dang she was blinded. And continues to be so for most of the book until something big happens and she has to rethink her choices.

The change in her character isn’t a big one, but I wasn’t expecting it to be. Karisha Prescott has written many books involving Prussia’s tale and the only way for that to work is if the character changes just enough for you to want more. Luckily, for me, Prussia has.

Sebastian is the one who changes the most, but I’m not entirely sure if he’s as loving as he’s leading the readers to believe. It seemed rather quick (not quick as in early in the book, but quick as in once he decided, it was done) for him to change his opinion of her. I don’t know if it has to do with that something big or the other something, but either one would make a little sense. I do expect more issues to fall on their relationship though.

Even the vampires have a small twist. Prescott did very well to just give the reader a bit of the vampire mythology without telling us everything. Though the vampire origin story is very strange, I do want to know more.

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