Book 6 of 2015: Edge of Love by E.L. Todd

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Sean and Scarlet are finally blissfully happy together. Their past is behind them forever. But after Sean and Scarlet travel to Connecticut to reveal their engagement, tensions escalate, family secrets are revealed, and an unexpected visitor ruins the weekend. When they return to Seattle, Scarlet refuses to get married at his family estate, which infuriates Sean. Their arguments escalate until another secret is revealed.

Scarlet is full of regret when she realizes she hurt Sean and broke his trust. For the first time, Scarlet is responsible for the pain and the hurt of their relationship. Is Sean’s love just as unconditional as he claims? Will he able to forgive Scarlet for her betrayal just like she forgave him?

Edge of Love is the third book to the Forever and Always series. Which is the prequel series to Forever and Ever.

At first, I was hesitant about continuing Scarlet and Sean’s story. However, E.L. Todd has just presented an ebook boxset of the first three books in the Forever and Always series. She emailed me with the request of a review. Since this was the only one out of the three that I haven’t read, I went ahead and read it.

I’m glad I did. Truly. Though the drama hasn’t ended, I finally feel like Scarlet and Sean are learning from their past and are working towards a mutual goal.

In the second book, I had issues with the two of them. Sean was making poor decisions left and right. Scarlet couldn’t decide whether or not she wanted to remain a stubborn ass. In this book, Sean shows that the poor decisions in books one and two have changed him. Scarlet, being stubborn Scarlet, needed this book to knock it into her head.

I was glad to see the others beat it into her that she wasn’t a perfect person and that she was being an outright ass. Sure, we all have issues with in-laws and I have at one point went to my parents hoping they would blow away all of the bad stuff. However, when you’re in a serious relationship, it’s time to be in the serious relationship. Luckily, Scarlet had the people in her life to drill that into her.

So, without giving too much away, the book ends on a cliffhanger that I was wondering about since the first book.

In all, the book wasn’t bad. It was the typical roller coaster that the first two had, but I felt like there was actual growth with the characters. That makes me excited to read more. Also, with this cliffhanger, it’d be hard to not wonder what is going to happen next.

I love my guilty pleasures.

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