Book 7 of 2015: Miami Hush Club Episode 1 by Michelle Warren



I always believed that girls like me didn’t find happily-ever-afters.
But despite my sordid past and personal demons,
the Miami Hush Club promised to make my every fantasy a reality.
With a membership,
they could gift me my dream job,
dream car, dream house,
and the perfect life for me and my little family.
They easily sucked me into the madness and twisted me inside out,
caging me until I didn’t know right from wrong.
The steep price of entry?
My darkest secret.
There’s only one problem.
Some secrets destroy.
Some crush.
Some fragment.
Some even endanger the ones I love,
and the one man I never imagined I would.
Because some secrets, when shared, give power.
And power is a dangerous thing.
Especially when the one pulling my strings, playing god,
has the terrifying means to destroy me.
And worst of all, after I’ve given my secret away,
I find the only thing that’s left is my wrecked and tortured soul.
But guess what?
Nothing’s safe.
The club can take that too.

Miami Hush Club is a dark serial that has a warning in the very beginning. That’s right, it has a warning. Episode 1 is, naturally, the first in the series and it’s written by Michelle Warren. She’s the author of the Wander Dust trilogy and the new adult romance, He+She.

The first thing that came to my mind was the warning before the adventure begins. I was excited at what she could have in store for us. I love Michelle Warren’s ease at writing. The story was easy to get into and the writing wasn’t too simple to be boring or too intelligent. It felt . . . real. Yes, the writing felt real. I felt everything the main character was feeling and I loved it.

I was also a bit scared by it.

Not that anything too bad happens, at least not yet. However, I still feel the lingering dread that something more is about to happen. The prose and the secretive attributes to the club Nic enters into is reminiscent to Devil’s Advocate. You know the movie. It stars Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. In the movie, a lawyer is hired by a huge firm and begins to realize that his boss is Satan.

Okay, so none of that happens in Episode 1 of Miami Hush Club, but I still had that underlying dread that the movie spurred in me. I have a feeling there’s something otherworldly about this club. Especially, due to what and how Nic entered. Just what is her deepest secret? What is the club? Will she get out or be sucked into its dark world?

These are questions I am left with. It is both aggrivating and exciting. And of course, that only means I need to dive into Episode 2.

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