Book 19 of 2015: Sinking Ships by Lexi Ostrow


Ashley has grown content with her life. Her husband is in the United States Coast Guard but has been assigned a land unit. Which means more time with him and no chance of danger.
But then he gets bad news. He’s been put on special duty assignment that will mean months of deployment in various open waters. Because he’s in the Coast Guard, Ashley assumes that nothing can go wrong.
Waterways have been under attack from pirates of all kinds in the past years. Travis’s cutter is destined for waters where they have been seen and there’s no telling what his ship will encounter.
Left alone with her memories of their life together Ashley will face the toughest deployment separation yet. Will a lifetime of memories be enough to keep her and Travis from falling apart?

Deployments suck. It’s the truth. They suck for the couple. They suck for the kids. They suck for the pets. Deployments suck.

I should know, I’m a military brat turned Navy wife turned Navy wife with kid and pets. It sucks. However, noawdays I don’t have to worry about deployments because he’s fixing to leave. I still remember what it was like. And it sucked.

Sinking Ships by Lexi Ostrow is a military contemporary romance about an already married couple dealing with life in the midst of a deployment. You can tell that Ostrow knows her stuff because I felt exactly what Ashley felt during deployments. I could understand her pain and loneliness. Though my husband hasn’t mentioned how he was emotionally on his end, I would like to think it is something akin to the male lead in Ostrow’s story.

The book is more like a novella and is very quick to read. I was able to finish it within an hour or two. The writing is simple, easy to get into, and does pull the reader to the story. I’ve experienced this before with Ostrow’s steampunk romances and I’m glad the same voice could be employed in her contemporary works.

The story is mostly comprised with flashbacks and the individual characters’ thoughts during the deployment. You see how the two fall in love and witness the length of emotion they go through. It was short, heartwarming, and had a twist that makes you pause in breath.


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