Book 42 of 2015: The Temple of Kian by M.D. Bushnell and A.R. Voss



Akkadia is rife with betrayal and rumors of rebellion, as Aldrick, Garrick and Aelianna learn that in order to fulfill their destiny, they must journey to the edge of the known world. While they don’t fully understand their enigmatic quest, they do know its successful completion is the only hope of stopping the spreading blight of the Destroyer.
Danger lurks everywhere; they must struggle through haunted forests and ancient ruins, overcoming sorcerers and monsters, if they are to have any hope of unlocking the ancient secrets hidden within…
…The Temple of Kian.
Coming May 21st to
The Temple of Kian is the 3rd and final book of the first trilogy of the Key of Creation Epic Fantasy series, which began with Rise of the Destroyer, and Journey to Khodara (available now!)

The Temple of Kian is the third book in The Key of Creation series. I received a copy from the authors for an honest review.

The first book was a good read. The second book fell short and bored me. The third book was somewhere in between. I’m not sure how I’m going to write the review, but I think a Pros and Cons list may be the best way.


The authors kept “telling” when it came to the large group of traveler’s except when a bit of action was happening. It bored me and I really didn’t care to continue on with their journey. I also didn’t care for the character Dathan. I wanted someone to shove a sword down his windpipe. He kept using “bloody”. Now, I understand the usage of that word as profanity, however, I wish he had more profane words in his arsenal.

For instance: “It’s bloody freezing on top of this bloody mountain. Why can’t we just bloody leave and get a bloody blanket? I’m bloody cold, bloody hungry, and I need a bloody bath.”

No, that wasn’t a direct quote, but you get the picture? He sounded like a prepubescent who just learned the word “damn” could be used as profanity. I didn’t like him and he made the group’s journey even more unbearable.


The authors did a good job at presenting more conflict. Shit was going down in Akkadia. There were also issues going on with the group. All of these were interesting. Add in the main bad guy and the epilogue, something interesting is brewing.

I believe the authors intend on revisiting the world and that wouldn’t be too bad. However, I don’t know if I could handle Dathan or the “telling” whenever a journey is afoot.

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