Book 47 of 2015: Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier



Gwen has a destiny to fulfill, but no one will tell her what it is. She’s only recently learned that she is the Ruby, the final member of the time-traveling Circle of Twelve, and since then nothing has been going right. She suspects the founder of the Circle, Count Saint-German, is up to something nefarious, but nobody will believe her. And she’s just learned that her charming time-traveling partner, Gideon, has probably been using her all along. Emerald Green is the stunning conclusion to Kerstin Gier’s Ruby Red Trilogy, picking up where Sapphire Blue left off, reaching new heights of intrigue and romance as Gwen finally uncovers the secrets of the time-traveling society and learns her fate.

Emerald Green is the third book in the Ruby Red Trilogy.

I would say this is my favorite out of the three, which is befitting since it is the last book. In this one, all of the questions are finally answered. We find details in the first and second book revisited, but explained and even a bit more information than what would have been expected.

I would say that in the last two books, I was unsure about Gideon. He seemed too much of a prick and it bothered me that someone like Gwen had the hots for him. She said she didn’t trust him, but I could feel that she wanted to and I just wanted to plead that he wasn’t worth it. In this book though, he redeemed himself and explained everything. I finally felt like he was reasonable and just as brainwarped as the rest of the Guardians. It wasn’t completely his fault, he had a good idea just a poor execution.

Gwen is still her slightly awkward self, but stronger. I love her opinionated strength. She was a young girl fighting against a system and despite all of the secrets, she was finding her own. In this book, she really pulled through. It helped that she was making a solid plan in figuring things out.

Though I wasn’t surprised about some of the twists, there was one at the very end that gave me a shock. I realized that it made sense with the relationship Gwen had with this character. It is a minor character, but the connection to the time travel and Gwen is awesome. It is in the very end, like the last sentence of the book. That twist was beautiful. I only wish there was more to it. Boy, would I love to read more about that minor character’s connection to everything. I’d say what it is, but it’s a fun twist that I don’t want to spoil it.

I did figure out who the main baddie was, it wasn’t completely hidden in the series. However, I didn’t think that Gideon and Gwen would have figured out how to get around the situation like they did. Very cool and befitting.

On a side note, I’ve recently found out about the movie adaptations of the books. They are available on Amazon, but you’ll need a region free system for the films. They are in the original language of German and the third film is in the works as I type. Needless to say, I plan on getting all three. Good thing I took German in high school and college. Will it ever come to America? I have no idea, but if a petition is in the works, please tell me. I’ll be signing it.

Back to the book, I have to say that this was a fun young adult trilogy. It wasn’t too epic, but I think a part of that is because of translation (I am reading the American English and not the original German). However, even if it isn’t an epic read, I liked it a lot and will probably crack them open again in the future. Will I read more from this author? Definitely. Kerstin Gier has a fan in me.

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