Book 52 of 2015: Darker Side of Worlds by Lexi Ostrow



Dale grew up fighting for self respect and the respect of others. Being a Word Speaker hadn’t helped. Most of the Guardians he had sought out those that were decidedly darker and fighting on what could be seen as the wrong side of the war. When Ciara gives him her gifts to follow her own happy ending he’s forced to see his self worth and honor her precious gift.

Breena is a dark sprite in charge of sneaking through dreams to steal information in a war between the Seelie and Unseelie court in her world. Finding out she’s a book character destined to save the life of a human wasn’t her cup of tea – but it was her father’s. Commanded to get close the Word Speaker Dale so they could all enter his world she’s forced to leave what she knows behind and corrupt a man on the brink of finding himself.

When passion ignites between Dale and Breena he finds himself seduced by the darkness once more. He’s tangled up in a web that threatens to change his stance in the war just before his 27th birthday. When her true intentions come out he will have to choose between dark and light, and where he stands in the war.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Darker Side of Worlds by Lexi Ostrow is an erotic fantasy that twists imagination, romance, and the future of humankind. This is the second book in the series, but each book can be read as standalones. You aren’t going to miss much information or gain too much depending on the book. Except for maybe the brothers and what they do, but it won’t confuse you too much.

The broader storyline in the series is that an epic war is prophesized to happen. In preparation for this war, two brothers (demigods is a good term for them) are charged with finding the fighters for either side. The fighters entail a human called a Word Speaker and their Guardian. A Word Speaker is a person with the gift of bringing a fictitious person to life. When they turn 27, they are supposed to choose a side to fight and lay in wait. The Guardian is the fictitious person brought to protect the Word Speaker from the opposition that comes from the book and whatever evil may befall.

In this book, we learn a new rule in the world of the Word Speakers. I’d tell you, but it’s integral to the story. Just know that this rule sucks and you feel for Dale.

Dale is the male lead. He’s geeky, rich, and has a darkness to him. I really liked him as a character. I could understand where he was coming from and what his motivations were. Likewise, his Guardian, Breena, is a sprite warrior who has a darkness that gives her rather moral complications. She’s strong, sexual, and has emotional moments, but doesn’t let that dissuade her in a fight.

The world of the Word Speaker is an interesting one. I could liken it to the book Inkspell, but only because the characters can bring to life a ficitious character. Aside from that, this series is very adult. The Guardians and Word Speakers have a connection. A very sexual connection. And that connection is seriously smexy.

Lexi Ostrow weaves an interesting world with awesome powers that leave any bibliophile wishing they were a Word Speaker. After all, who hasn’t read a book and wished they could pull out a certain character? I have countless times. The book is a quick read. It has a fun story that is dark, but not her darkest. This is a romance that makes you want more. Seriously hot, but filled with emotion.

Honestly, I love Lexi Ostrow’s work. I haven’t read anything of hers that I hate. So far, I either love the book or it was okay enough to keep going with the series and author. None have detered me from her work. The style is easy to get into, the characters are relateable, and the story makes you want more. And may I add that Dale is a serious honey. I don’t care for redheads all the time, but this man is worth it. Mmmmm.

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