Book 62 of 2015: His Sicilian Cinderella by Carol Marinelli



His until midnight…?
When millionaire Matteo Santini bought one night with Bella Gatti, it was to protect her innocence from the dangerous game she was caught up in. He never expected to be so undone by their fierce attraction or her disappearance the next day.  
Chambermaid Bella has escaped her shameful past, but her memories of that night with Matteo still burn. Forced to attend Sicily’s most exclusive wedding together, Bella knows the dark-hearted tycoon will want a reckoning. As the clock strikes twelve, it’s clear the only way Bella will be leaving the party is with Matteo— via his bed!

This book caught my eye because it was something I don’t usually see. Okay, well the female role does seem to be a lower class than the male role and there is a lot of virgins out there. However, I liked the idea of a Cinderella factor into this.

I didn’t really feel Cinderella with the character. Yes, Bella works hard to take care of her mother and she does set aside her own needs to make others happy, but that was it for the Cinderella feel. Well, except a position as a maid.

There is one thing that I want to point out to potential future readers: this book isn’t what you’d expect. I wasn’t feeling hot and bothered while reading this book. I was hurt and emotionally invested in the terrible life Bella had to go through. You will come across a background that you don’t usually see: prostitiution.

It is because of that, I actually liked the book more. It was somehting I wasn’t expecting. I was expecting little maid with a history of hot dude. Maid dresses up as hottie potattie and whisks man. She leaves hoping he’d never find her again. Basically, I was thinking the movie Maid in Manhattan. Instead, I got a dark and gritty history with a couple who have chemsitry.

The book does have a large flashback, which is needed to understand Bella better, but it could pull away from the story. I did like her, but he could use more work. I couldn’t understand Matteo. The author described him as a man who hid his feelings and boy does he!

In all, it was interesting in that it was different from other Harlequin Presents. I didn’t mind that so much as that I couldn’t feel Matteo as a leading man.

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