Book 66 of 2015: Lumiere’ by Jacqueline E. Garlick


One determined girl. One resourceful boy. One miracle machine that could destroy everything.
After an unexplained flash shatters her world, seventeen-year-old Eyelet Elsworth sets out to find the Illuminator, her father’s prized invention. With it, she hopes to cure herself of her debilitating seizures before Professor Smrt—her father’s arch nemesis—discovers her secret and locks her away in an asylum.
Pursued by Smrt, Eyelet locates the Illuminator only to see it whisked away. She follows the thief into the world of the unknown, compelled not only by her quest but by the allure of the stranger—Urlick Babbit—who harbors secrets of his own.
Together, they endure deadly Vapours and criminal-infested woods in pursuit of the same prize, only to discover the miracle machine they hoped would solve their problems may in fact be their biggest problem of all.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Lumiere by Jacqueline E. Garlick is an adventure steampunk young adult series. There is magic, machines, horror elements, and mystery. Sure, it sounds like there is an identity crisis, but this book is a perfect mesh of these genres.

The world of the Commonwealth is a dark world. Expertly written, I felt like I was inside the world. I was with Eyelet, trying to find her father’s invention. I was with Urlick, fighting with himself to trust Eyelet with his secrets.

From the beginning, I was engrossed. I wanted to know more; to understand the world that Garlick invented. The first thing I noticed was the meshing of beliefs in the world. For instance, they are predominantly scientific in thought. However, they have superstitions. People accused of witchcraft have their throats slit, dipped in wax, and hanged. Garlick makes the Salem Witch Trials a walk in the park with that imagery.

Right from that scene, I knew that the horror elements were going to be there. I was going to be reading a book with grit and action.

Eyelet is an interesting character. She’s strong willed, intelligent, and has a smart ass humor to her. Urlick doesn’t look like a male lead, but he his own next to his enigmatic female counterpart. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

I was on the edge of my seat for most of the book. The pages couldn’t load up fast enough for me. I smiled whenever a disturbing moment appears in the book (I love being freaked out). I really liked this book.

If you love action, adventure, gears, steam, poisonous fog, crazed cannibals or even spectral monsters (yes, those too): this is your book. There is some romance too, but it takes a back seat to let the awesome seep through like a vapour.

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