Book 84 of 2015: Haitian Graves by Vicki Delany


The vibrant color and sounds of Haiti hide dark secrets.

RCMP sergeant Ray Robertson is serving with the United Nations in Haiti, a land of brilliant color and vibrant life, Vodou and vast above-ground cemeteries. Ray’s job is to train the local police and assist investigations. One call comes in from the home of a wealthy American businessman. The man came home to find his beautiful, young Haitian wife floating face down in the swimming pool. The American embassy and the Haitian police immediately arrest the gardener, and the case is closed. But Ray isn’t so sure, and he keeps digging. Until one night he finds himself in a Vodou-saturated cemetery, surrounded by above-ground tombs and elaborate statuary, confronting a killer with nothing left to lose.

This is the second in a series featuring RCMP sergeant Ray Robertson on his various postings overseas.

I won Haitian Graves in a door prize at the Suffolk Mystery Festival. Which was an amazing time! If you’re a Hampton Roads local or are visiting some day in the future, check out if the festival is happening. I loved it!

Haitian Graves was a very quick read. Just shy of 160 pages, the book is quick. Because of that, this review will be short. The writing was easy to get into. For the mystery part, I wasn’t too surprised at who the killer was or the motives of the killer.

Mostly, the book had an exotic feel. I’ve never been to Haiti, but it felt like I was there. The main character, Ray Robertson, is a character I wouldn’t mind learning more about. I’m sure there is more to his character in the first book of his series, Juba Gold. However, I didn’t feel like I needed to have read that book to understand Haitian Graves.

 For Haitian Graves, it is the setting and the mystery that was the focus of the book. It is a decent read to break any monotony in your life or if you’re busy.

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