Book 88 of 2015: The CEO’s Christmas Wish by Lexi Ostrow


Nick DeMarco had his heart torn out and crushed when he lost the woman he loved to his brother during a storm last Christmas. Being a top CEO had done nothing to improve his mood during the past year, and he was much fonder of playing the moping victim. Going to the family chalet seems less than appealing because it means being trapped with his past.
Tasha Morningstar couldn’t be happier for her best friend’s upcoming wedding. Despite her wishes, Leena tricks her into spending the holidays at the famous DeMarco chalet, and a feeble attempt at matching Tasha up with Nick.

Trapped together, the pair realize that the best way out of their situation might just be to pretend they’ve fallen in love, just until after the holidays. Snowmen and carriage rides might just be more than the pair can resist, and when Nick is faced with a difficult decision, he might just lose Tasha forever.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

The CEO’s Christmas Wish is the second book in a series of Christmas themed erotic romances by author Lexi Ostrow. It is set the Christmas a year after the events of the first book, The Assistant’s Christmas Wish.

I am a fan of Lexi Ostrow’s work. There have been many books that I’ve read from her. That said, this one wasn’t a favorite. It was a nice story and I did like that there was romance, but I wasn’t as emotionally into the story as I was in the first book.

I already had an idea of Nick DeMarco’s personality from the first book. In the first book, he was a steamy controlling man. He starved and thrived being in power. In this book, I saw a different side of him. It was nice to see a different aspect of a character you think you already know. It could be that the events in the first book molded him into the man he is in this one. It’s a nice touch.

Tasha is an interesting character. We see her briefly in the first book as Leena’s best friend. She is still Leena’s best friend and is still a famous actress. I did like that she had a Native American background. However, I felt that I needed more of her. I can’t pinpoint what, but I couldn’t get into her character.

That said, the romance was sweet, the sex scenes were steamy, and the overall conflict wasn’t as conflicting as in the first book. I did like the hinting of the next coupling we will see in the series and I am more excited about that one. Though we don’t get a lot of Anna DeMarco’s personality, I did feel a spark in there.

All in all, it wasn’t my favorite Ostrow book, but it doesn’t deter me. I’m also not a big themed book reader (like Christmas). Ostrow does make Christmas feel magical in both books. I could feel the cold and I could see the decorations of the home (taste the hot chocolate as well!). Not a bad addition to the series.

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