Book #6 of 2016 : Whitby After Dark by Stella Coulson


Lenore Lee wants nothing more than to make new friends in her new town of Whitby, Yorkshire, and to forget about the disturbing dreams that hold her captive at night. But what she discovers in Whitby, might be even more disturbing than the dreams. Dreams which may hold the key to her survival in the hidden world of the Supernatural…
”Dreams of Death may be the only thing that can save her life”

 I heard from the grapevine that Stella Coulson’s book, Whitby After Dark, was going into audio. Since I listen to audio and I already had the book, I decided to check out the audio through audible and listen to the book.

Whtiby After Dark is a dark young adult fiction that deals with sexual abuse. There is an author’s note in the beginning of the book where Coulson compares her demons in the series to the real life horrors people have today. In short, our abusers are her world’s demons. The creatures who fight these evil beings are from different walks of life. For instance: fey or vampires.

The book was a quick read and was easy to get into. The world doesn’t feel completely crafted, but that’s because our heroine, Lenore, is just entering this world. We are seeing the darker side of the world through Lenore’s eyes. Since it is a series, we aren’t going to see everything the world has to offer. So far, I like what I’ve seen. I like what Coulson did with demons. I like the tidbits we do learn about the vampires. And, I would like to continue with the series.

It was a short book, but still enjoyable. Yes, I did figure out who the main baddie was fast, but I enjoyed the book nonetheless.

What I did find even more interesting is that the narrator was a great choice. I could hear her voice when I switched back to text. Lenore is a character I could relate to and the narrator works with the character. It was a good choice in narrator.

All in all, the book is quick and fun. The narration was good and the narrator sounded what I would envision Lenore. I would read the second book in the series.

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