Book #39 of 2016: Moving In by Ron Ripley


“Iron…and…salt,” whispers the old man. The dead old man. “Hurry or it will be too late…”
To escape the stress of living in the city and the anxiety of his high pressure job, Brian Roy moves his family to the country. His wife loves the easy living, but Brian hates it…especially when weird things start happening in the house. When he discovers a dead body in the woods and a burial ground in his basement, Brian could never imagine the shocking history of the house or its former occupants that comes to light.

As his life starts to unravel, Brian isn’t so sure living in the country is going to be the oasis of peace he and his wife expected. Lately, his home has become a haunting den of hell.

Get your copy of MOVING IN today and enjoy the thrill of a story too chillingly delicious to miss!

I found Moving In in a recommended list on Amazon and decided to have an actual book form of it to read. Sure, the ebook was less expensive, but I’m the kind of person who needs to read a book in hardcopy sometimes. I’ve been reading more from my Kindle lately, but nothing compares to an actual book.

That said, this book was a huge quickie.  The chapters are short and to the point with a dash of something that may freak you out. The writing is easy to get into and I actually enjoyed the book. I would have liked more, but for a novella and the first in a series of novellas, it was fun.

Moving In is your typical ghost story. Think New England, a house with a lot of land, and a unsuspecting couple with reasons for moving in. It has all of the elements for an American Gothic horror. Sure, I would have liked more of the history of the spirits, but that’s a personal thing. I could see this book becoming one of the better SyFy original movies (there aren’t many of those).

Each chapter is titled with the characters you would meet and what they are doing at that moment. I didn’t really need the chapter titles and found them a bit distracting. The characters reacted the way I would have in their situation, but I didn’t have a big grasp at who they were as people. Again, the book makes me think of a good SyFy original film.

In all, the book hasn’t deterred me from the series of novellas. Sure, I wasn’t scared, but I did like the elements the author introduced and the continuation of the characters in future spiritual situations. In fact, I have the second and third book on the way. They might be read and reviewed fairly soon.

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