Book #57: Angels in Steam by Lexi Ostrow


Layel has been the stoic leader of the Pure Angels since before he can remember. His life has been a series of temptations, all of which he’d barely maintained his wings over. Joining forces with the Alliance of Silver and Steam had only continued to push and test him.

Nathaniel’s wings are turning black.He’d murdered an innocent human that had happened upon him during a rainstorm. In his horror at what he’d done, he’d turned himself into the Alliance, with a death wish.

When Layel is brought in to help a falling Angel remain Pure, he isn’t ready for Nathaniel. Helping an Angel rise is nearly impossible, but they’re attraction to each other might make the journey even harder.

 I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

Angels in Steam is a novella that continues the world of the Alliance of Silver and Steam series. It is a paranormal erotic steampunk fiction that features a M/M coupling. This isn’t the first M/M erotic fiction that Ostrow has written and I doubt it will be the last. For an LGBTQ novella, it fits beautifully in her world of demons and people.

I actually liked this novella better than Ostrow’s first M/M work. There was more going on with the characters. It would be easier to read some of her other work about this world first though. Layel, the Pure Angel who started the Alliance, is one of the main characters. His reticence about finding love is more explained in the prequel book, Rise of Silver and Steam, and it would be helpful understanding the character better if you read that book first.

The other character, Nathaniel, had enough going on in the novella to have an emotional attatchment for me as a reader. I would have liked more about him, but I found what was given to be adequate enough.

The writing is well done and put me back into the world easily. The sex scenes were steamy and it did leave me wanting more. All in all, I found this story to be a good addition to the series and I am still looking forward to more LGBTQ characters in Ostrow’s erotic fiction.

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