Book #86: The Force of Wind by Elizabeth Hunter


How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

What would you sacrifice to kill the one you hate?

Join Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo as they travel to a hidden island on the far edge of China and seek the help of an ancient immortal court. Can they weave their way through the tangled web of centuries-old alliances and ruthless feuds to find what they’ve been looking for? Friends will be revealed, enemies will find them, and a dangerous secret will come to light.

The Force of Wind is the third book in the four-part Elemental Mysteries series. It is a paranormal mystery/romance for adult readers.

It sure didn’t take long for me to get involved with this book. Again, I bought this before I finished the previous book and again I dove in without much processing.

The third installment to the Elemental Mysteries series has to be my favorite out of the four. One big reason is Tenzin. I absolutely loved her in the first and was bummed that she didn’t make an appearance in the second. When I dove into this book, I got excited to say the least.

I have just realized a great way to describe what the mystery is like in this book along with the others. Think, if you will, the story map mountain thingie. You should know what I’m talking about: the exposition, the rising action, the climax, the falling action, and the resolution. The first book, A Hidden Fire, is the exposition to the overall series. It introduces the main focus of the world, the characters, and the mystery. This Same Earth, is the rising action. It gave you more about the mystery, the characters, and the world. This book, The Force of Wind, is the climax to the mystery. We get a lot of what Lorenzo wants and the world’s dynamics.

This is the book that seals the deal for B. It gives us more of the mystery and her decision. It is also a book with a lot of action. B is learning how to fight with weapons and there’s an epic fight in the end of the book. I know I said it before, but this is my favorite out of the series.

And, of course, the epic fight leaves a cliffhanger and gut wrenching end that makes you want to get the next book ASAP. Or, in my case, end up buying it before I even finished this one.

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