Book #88: Cast No Shadows by Various Authors


Welcome to the shadowed woods, where the trees breathe with ghosts and the wind whispers of the past.

Twenty-six authors take you through haunted houses and cemeteries with tales that will chill.

Beware the dark, for the spirits await you.

I received an ecopy of this book from the publisher for an honest review. Aside from the chills and enjoyment of reading, there was no compensation.

 There is a bit of everything for the person who likes a good ghost story. With twenty-six authors, each story is unique and has its own voice. Yes, there were a few that I didn’t care for. And there were a few that I figured off the bat (kind of hard not to when you know that a character has to see a ghost or be one to qualify for the anthology).

Despite the different voices, the stories fit together nicely. They are set in different worlds and are comprised from different minds, but I didn’t feel out of place jumping from one story to the next. The book is also a quick read. It was easy to go through most of the book in one day.

As far as anthologies go, it wasn’t a bad one. A good read for someone wanting ghosts, but not a long book to stick to.

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