Book #97: The Instructor’s Christmas Wish by Lexi Ostrow


Anna DeMarco has watched her big brothers find happiness the last two Christmases. If only she could do the same for herself. She’s finally found someone she sees a life with, except memories and thoughts of Marshall make it impossible for her to fully commit. The only way to move forward is to close the door on the past, so she books her family’s jet and sets out to arrive at the family chalet early.
Marshall Buck has been dealt a terrible hand. First, he lost Anna when she moved to London. Then, his wife Mandy succumbed to cancer shortly after their marriage. He loved teaching resort guests snow sports, but it wasn’t enough. Alone for what felt like years, he was finally ready to tell Anna that he’d never stopped loving her, and try to make it work. Christmas has been a time of romance for her family, and he hopes it will be for him and Anna too.

Swept up in a flurry of treasured memories, a love that never died and the magic of the season, Anna and Marshall quickly realize that goodbye is not an option. Finally happy, a misunderstanding threatens to tear it all apart and leave them without their happy new year. With Marshall running away again, and Anna unequipped to stop him, it will take all the holiday magic to give the pair the ending they’ve always hoped for.

I am a fan of Lexi Ostrow. When I found that she had the third book in her Christmas Wish erotic series, I got excited. I found the first two books enjoyable, but knowing who the leads were for this book made me that much more excited.

Anna is the youngest of the DeMarco siblings. She lives in London and works for her family in their London offices. She has a strong connection to Marshall, her first love. After they were caught with their pants off (literally), her parents separated the two.

I found this book to be my favorite out of the three. The sex was a healthy mix of love and steam. Not that the other books had more than the other, I just felt a better connection between these two. I was rooting for them and smacking Marshall upside the head.

The writing is good and quick. It was easy for me to get into the book and stay with it. Less than twenty chapters, this book is a good between book. All in all, I really liked this book. The series is sweet and warmhearted with a good dose of steamy eroticism. 

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