Book #99: Aventurine by B. Kristin McMichael


Book Three of The Chalcedony Chronicles
A paranormal/time travel romance series.

Mari’s past and present are all mixed together. To start she finds herself trapped in the past while her friends from the past are now all in the future. She wants to go home, but Logan Jones has different plans—which include Mari. He might say he wants her, but soon she realizes that there’s something more behind it. To save everyone in the future, Mari strikes a deal. She must give up Seth and agree to date Logan. In return, he’ll teach her to how help her friends and family. Only, letting go of Seth, and falling for Logan aren’t easy feats. If Mari can’t figure out how to do so, she might lose everyone she loves.

I have mixed feelings about Aventurine. On one hand, it does continue the story that I was interested in Chrysoprase. However, on the other hand, it fell short on a few aspects.

Aventurine is the third book in the Chalcedony Chronicles and, in my thoughts, the second best in the series. We get to see more of Logan, which was a big plus for me. I wanted to know more about this antagonist. I wanted to see him work. McMichael does a fairly good representation of what our antagonist is like and I was able to see his motivations clearly.

Unfortunately, that made me want to smack around Mari. As a character, she has changed from the first book. Which is what you want in a series. However, I feel she is going downhill instead of up. Mari is too trusting to Logan. Even though she goes through Ky’s plans, she doesn’t recognize the dangers Logan poses.

I feel the book was a good attempt at strengthening the story, but at the cost of Mari’s personality. She lost some of that spark she had before meeting Seth. I understand that she needed to play a part, but even she seemed to believe that part quickly. It didn’t just piss me off, it annoyed Ky too. Who, I may add, is a very sound voice in the last two books.

All in all, it was an okay book. Not my favorite, but better than the first.

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