Book #104: The Coven by Cate Tiernan


I am not who I thought I was. I am not a regular sixteen-year-old girl. I am a witch. A real, ancestral witch. My parents are not my biological parents. My sister and I share no blood.

Even in the coven, I am too powerful now, too different to belong.

I am alone except for Cal. Cal tells me he loves me, and I need to believe him.

 The Coven is the second book in the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. I read this book a while back, like seventh or eighth grade, and felt the need to have the whole series with me again. I have just finished the collection of fifteen books and thought it appropriate to read book two now that I can continue and finish the series (technically for the second time).

This book begins where the first one ended, during the Samhain circle. Morgan has found out that she is a special person, she is a blood witch. In the world of Sweep, there are Wiccans and then there are Blood Witches. A blood witch is a person born from one of seven ancient clans. They are strong in the craft and are intuned in Magick.

Though fictional, I remember being younger and wishing that I was a blood witch. I felt like Morgan, I felt like I was a person on the sidelines. Yes, she has friends, but she doesn’t find a purpose until the introduction into Wicca. Very similar to me and honestly, I was glad to revisit that mindset while reading this book.

When Morgan finds out she is a blood witch, she also learns that her parents have to be blood witches as well. She opens up a can of worms both in school and home. Just when she finds herself, she is finding out that there are more questions than answers about who she is.

Upon rereading this reveal, I understand the Rowlands better. I felt angry with them in the past and thought their revelation as a slight than anything else. Now though, I understand their reasonings better. It’s amazing how reading a book a second time can help change your mindset, but reading that same book with close to  fourteen years of space between? You begin to realize how much you’ve changed from that prepubescent child.

The book is a very quick read. I could probably clock that book in at three or four hours of nonstop reading. I’m not sure where that stands with me of the past, but I have a feeling that the numbers are close to the same.

And just like the first book, this one ends with a biggie of a cliffhanger. Glad to say that I have the collection so I won’t need to run around and wait for the next book.

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