Book #3: Combust by E.L. Todd


Book 4 of the Electric Series

Now that Volt and I are together, my life is complete. When I first met him, he wasn’t what I was looking for.

Harsh. Argumentative. And unavailable.

But now, he’s everything I ever could have dreamed of.

My parents have met him, and of course they love him. But now my best friend since childhood needs to meet the man I’m going to marry.

I just hope she loves him as much as I do.

Combust is the fourth and final book in the contemporary romance series, Electric, by E.L. Todd. E.L. Todd is a guilty pleasure of mine. I know that some of her stuff is advertised as romantic comedy or whatnot, but I find her stuff to be more dramatic where if there’s something bad that can happen, you would want to expect it.

That said, I was expecting the big bad thing that happens in this book. We finally learn Volt’s real first name and there’s quite the big hiccup with him meeting Taylor’s other best friend. I may have pegged it, but the reactions and decisions made afterward wasn’t expected. Once again, I should have anticipated the drama that was going to unfold.

If you’ve read my other reviews about this series, you would know I was wish washy about the previous books. Book one was decent, book two was better, book three was upsetting, and this one? Well, I liked this one the best.

Taylor has proved herself to still have issues with listening and trusting. Though Volt didn’t show himself to be very mature in book three, he actually did better in this book. What I felt in book three was replaced with sympathy for him in book four. I was happy with his decisions and the overall ending of the book and series.

All in all, I actually liked the series. Yes, some books weren’t as good as others and the story is predictable, but it wasn’t too bad. I have read some reviews about Todd’s writing style and honestly, those are good points on their end. Her writing is fairly simple, there is repetition, and most of the descriptions are in the sex scenes (which isn’t so bad). However, I still love reading her stuff. She’s great for an in between read.

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