Book #5: Otherworld by Stella Coulson


‘Otherworld’, Lenore Lee Tale #2.When Lenore’s world falls down, the fallout results in her travel to another dimension called the ‘Otherworld’. Within it, she encounters feral beasts, monsters and beautiful creatures with sadistic tastes. Once a victim – but never no more.

Otherworld by Stella Coulson is the sequel to Coulson’s first book, Whitby After Dark. We are introduced to the world of vampires, fae, and witches in the first book. In it, demons are creatures who abuse people and the vampires are charged with killing them. Lenore Lee moves to Whitby and finds out more than just her new friends’ underworld race, she learns about herself.

Under the same vein of abusers who become more evil and grotesque, Otherworld, is set some years after the events of the first book. In this, Lenore and company are charged to save a fae who was thought to be dead. We meet a crazy vampire girl (a character I have grown to love), a Fae queen who doesn’t want to get her hands dirty, and a mass of fae who are like zombies.

Otherworld is filled with action and I did find myself turning the pages quickly when I was able to push aside the one big bummer. The book had a lot of little errors. Now, the dialogue between characters does reflect where they are at geographically, but that’s not what diverted my attention. I found myself adding words when there were some missing or editing as I was reading. It did pull away from the story, but not the overall impact.

In all, I was able to read and like this book. If editing issues bother you, you may want to wait for a more clean version or the audio (which I hope there will be one), but I like the book. It was a good sequel and did end on an action scene that hopefully leads up to another action filled third book. Will we meet Lenore’s birth father? Now that is something I’m waiting for.

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