Book #10: We’re All Mad Here by Angel Lawson


I received a copy of We’re All Mad Here via InstaFreebie for an honest review.

First off, I was going to have the book blurb with the book, but Goodreads didn’t have it and it wasn’t up on Amazon just yet.

We’re All Mad Here is a novella prequel to the Wraith Trilogy by Angel Lawson. I haven’t read the trilogy yet, but you don’t need to know that series to get into this story (that is what a prequel means, after all). I was confused at first because when I put Angel Lawson’s name on GoodReads, I didn’t see this book at first and thought I was currently reading Wraith (book one) instead. Reading that blurb first made me think that maybe I wasn’t grasping the full picture.

After that mishap, I began to realize that I suck at reading titles and shrugged off my dumbassery. I began to appreciate the story more because I didn’t have to expect the main female character of the trilogy. Instead, we are given the male lead before he meets her.

Connor is stuck in a hospital run facility for starting a fire. He realizes it was a mistake, but he can’t admit the real reason he started that fire. After all, wouldn’t you be considered crazy if you said you saw ghosts? Connor knows that would happen and instead has to lie about why he started the fire.

Connor has that secretive way about him that doesn’t change despite knowing his motives and thoughts. I found him to be intriguing. He bitches about people and his lot in life, but recognizes his own faults and tries to work on them. When a new girl comes into the hospital, he does try to help her out, but finds a darkness in her that’s disturbing.

And by disturbing, I mean stalker creepy from like Fatal Attraction. 

Anyway, the story is short and it’s easy to get ahead of myself and spoil this outright. Lawson does a good job making me fear Charlotte and putting me in the hospital with Connor and Co. I was able to connect with Connor and see the adults as helpful, but still braindead (as teens sometimes do). The story even got me wanting to continue with the series.

I know that Charlotte is in the trilogy later on and if that’s the case, I’m excited to see how much more distrubing she becomes. Needless to say, I’ll be reading some Angel Lawson in the future.

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