Book #20: Lottie Pursues Bill (Meryton Matchmakers #1) by Kristi Rose


Ready to find the perfect match? Meryton Matchmakers has the key to your heart.

Elizabeth Bennet believes there is one true love for her. Unfortunately, the odds of finding that person in the great vast world are slim. As part owner of Meryton Matchmakers, a company that prides itself on the importance of the human connection, she hopes to decrease those odds and achieve her heart’s dream while helping other’s achieve theirs, too.

Infamous corporate raider, William Darcy is ready to focus on more important endeavors like finding the next mountain to scale. He’s tired of the board room. Yet, family obligation calls and he’s dispatched by his aunt, Meryton Matchmaker’s sole financial backer, with one task. Convert the matchmaker business into a fully automated online operation or withdrawal her financial interest directly.

Without the immediate means to buy out their investor, for now, compromise is the only option. Elizabeth and her sister must step up their game or risk losing more than their livelihoods.

First match: Elizabeth’s best friend, pastry chef, Lottie Lucas to pastor/martial counselor Bill Collins. Childhood playmates, Lottie is desperate to move out of the friend zone. The problem is Bill’s never pictured himself the settling down type. Yet, withstanding the pressure from both his family and job is wearing him down and Lottie sees an opportunity that can’t be ignored. With Elizabeth’s help, Lottie goes full pursuit, regardless that others, and Darcy’s computer, believe they aren’t suited.

Meryton Matchmaker is a 4 book series providing a happily ever after in each book but Darcy and Elizabeth’s story wraps up in book 4. Come meet and hang out with the good folk in Meryton and fall in love.

I received this book via Instafreebie for an honest review. Well, actually I received it twice: once on its own and the other in a collection of wedding books. No matter what, what follows is my review in my opinion. There has been no compensation.

I am an Austenite. I love her books and I love the movies. I have tried a few Jane Austen inspired books (fancy way of saying Jane Austen fanfics) and some hit the bill whereas others pulled me away quickly (one being a homoerotic one.. yep, there is one). Usually, I tend to gravitate to the modern retellings or ones with quirky moments (one had the heroine meeting a breathing version of literary Darcy only to choose her world Darcy). Anyway, Meryton Matchmakers had that quirky value to a modern retelling that piqued my interest.

Lottie Pursues Bill is about the first marriage seen in Pride and Prejudice. Before you push away this review, I want to say that Bill Collins is very different from his bland counterpart. He still has a religious background and he still has an unhealthy affection for Lady Catherine de Bourgh, but he has enough of a personality overhaul that made him affectionate and adorable. I actually liked him as a male lead. He’s sweet.

Lottie, our Charlotte Lucas, is still matter of fact and still has a deep heart for her friends and family. No worries, she does take control of her life in a way that works with the modern setting. On top of that, she shows to have some attraction towards Bill Collins that makes their union realistic with the setting.

The book is written in third person and deals with the inner thoughts of their individual characters. Elizabeth Bennet, our heroine for the series, is one of the main focal characters and is still Lottie’s best female friend. She still has a large amount of siblings, still has an annoying gossipy mother, and still judges people on first impressions. She is also one of the heads of a matchmaking service. The financial disrupt of the company is what brings all of the characters together and allows a central plot with the individual romances that happen.

The book is a sweet romance without real steamy moments. This book centered on the romance of the characters and keeping true to the romantic nature of Jane Austen. There is no hanky-panky and some of the wording is reminiscient with the inspiration. I honestly liked the book enough to purchase the sequel and I will be reading that later on. It is a fun, sweet book that is easy to figure out what happens, but I like the characters and the world Rose crafted. It works well with her inspiration.

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