Book #32: Curse of the Alpha Episodes 5 & 6 by Tasha Black

Special Two-Episode Bundle! ˃˃˃ The thrilling conclusion to the Curse of the Alpha serial…

In Episode 5, Ainsley makes a powerful enemy. Mysteries are solved and secrets are uncovered. How will the pack react when the new alpha is drawn?

In Episode 6, Ainsley must master her true nature to bring balance to the pack. Will she be able to harness her powers in time to defend the ones she loves?

˃˃˃ A continuing story…

Curse of the Alpha: Episodes 5 & 6 are the final two novellas in Curse of the Alpha, a serial in six episodes, much like a TV show. It tells the story of Ainsley Connor, a female werewolf, and her struggle to come to terms with her past, and accept her true nature and her role in the future of the pack. It contains strong sexual elements, and is NOT intended for readers under the age of 18.

This review is going to be short compared to the other two. Episodes 5 and 6 were filled with action and revelations. I did like who turned out to be the Alpha and was pleasantly surprised by it too. It made perfect sense and for that, awesome.

This is the last two novellas of this serial, but there are two other serials dealing with Ainsling out in Kindle. There’s only one in audio so I’ll be waiting a bit longer. Luckily, this serial ended on a good note that does make it easier to wait. If it was like the cliffhangers of the others, I don’t know how I would manage.

I am excited to see what will happen later on and who will be matched up.

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