Book #37: Witches by Ednah Walters

The Norns think they’ve won,
but it’s hard to control a teenager,
let alone a powerful one…

Raine Cooper’s life should be perfect. She’s an Immortal Seeress, most likely to be elected Prom Queen, and envied by the girls at Kayville High for dating the dreamy quarterback, Torin St. James. Instead, she’s haunted by the smug facial expressions the Norns’ wore during their last meeting.

As a Norn-In-Training, Raine crossed the line long ago when she sided with the Valkyries and Mortal Witches. When the Norns return with demands of their own, Raine feels trapped. Torin tries to convince her that the Norns are manipulating her, but she refuses to listen. At least until the Norns’ demands focus on someone she loves. When Raine refuses to cooperate with them, their punishment is swift and gut-wrenching, turning her pain into fury.

Raine plots revenge on a massive scale and makes deals with unsavory allies. Her goal? Total destruction of the entire Norn race. Raine’s only hope of salvation is Torin, but how much will he sacrifice to save her?

Witches is during the same time as Runes. When I finished Runes, I was unsure and hesitant on how the books were going to work well together.

It was silly to feel that way.

Ednah Walters weaved the stories together intricately. It was interesting to see what was on Raine’s mind after knowing what had been going on with Cora. It didn’t feel completely out of place, though Raine’s decisions to lie to Cora seemed a bit off base at times. I felt it was unbecoming of Raine to do that despite saying Cora was her best friend. For some of the things, I can understand Raine keeping hush hush.

I found this an adequate ending to Raine’s story with Torin. It felt like there was a solid ending with the Norn situation, but there is enough room for more of them. I loved the fact that Torin had worked so hard from babying Raine to now treating her as an equal. In the previous books he was Alpha male and kept quiet about situations. Which only caused Raine to look for answers and get into more trouble. Torin seemed to have learned this lesson and the two work great as a team versus butting heads.

The writing is good and Stephanie Terry’s narration was wonderful. I am now waiting for the audio version of Goddess to make my collection complete, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep myself from the Runes universe until then.

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