BOOK TOUR: Breaking Roman by Alexis James

They call me Romeo.

I love romancing women, and I’m good at it. 

Too bad it is all a ruse.

Roman, the youngest of the three Moran brothers, is the only one who has ever believed in true love. Too bad his one special person barely acknowledges his existence.

Sabrina Morris spends her days running the HR Department of The Moran Group, and her nights corralling her teenage daughter. She doesn’t have time for love. She’s heard the stories, but Roman is not at all what she expects him to be. His gentle nature catches her completely off-guard. She doesn’t expect to be attracted to him, and she certainly doesn’t expect him to be equally drawn to her. But can she see past his Romeo façade and allow the warm, loving man into her life? 

I received Breaking Roman by Alexis James from Xpresso Book Tours. This is an honest review. I was not compensated for anything.

Breaking Roman is a contemporary romance told in the first person between the two leads: Roman Moran and Sabrina Morris. Roman is a twenty-nine year old, hardworking man who works in the family business. For years he has been curbing his romantic side with serial monogamy. Sabrina is the head of HR and a single mother. She works for her child and sets aside a life for her teen daughter.

At first, I was pulled into the story fairly easily. Roman’s crush on Sabrina was adorable and left me wanting to see him succeed. I didn’t care for his “Romeo” nickname. Not because he was known for being with many woman, but because you don’t really see that i the works. You only hear about him taking girls to see family and their reaction. I would have liked it more if we saw the before Roman while he was still crushing on Sabrina.

However, Roman is a very likable character. He is warm, attentive, and has a good head on his shoulders. It’s also great to see a strong male character in a parental role despite not being the parent. Fatherhood suits him and I didn’t feel him using the daughter to get closer to Sabrina.

I did not, unfortunately, care for Sabrina. She is a maternal character who devotes everything to her daughter. This wasn’t what bothered me about her. Sabrina seemed to play games. It made her be more like the twenty-something than Roman. That isn’t to say that some of her reactions didn’t make sense.

If I were in her shoes, I would also be hesitant. I would probably try not to start a relationship, but once that relationship was in full bloom, I wouldn’t have done what she did. What she did is a big part to the main conflict. It isn’t what I would have done, but it did add tension to the story in itself.

The writing style was decent enough. I could get into the book and reading it wasn’t any trouble. However, it did begin to bore me around the halfway mark.  I was finding myself ignoring a good part of the book and only centering on the dialogue. What was good was that you don’t have to read the other two to get what goes on in this book.

Would I read more of James? Yes. I think that this book probably wasn’t her best. I would like to see the other books in this series.

In a five star rating: 3 stars


Author Bio:

Alexis James lives on the beautiful Central California coast. When she’s not spending time with her hubby of almost 30 years or her amazing kids, you can find her tapping away on the computer. She loves reading, spending time with family, reading, camping, reading….and writing too! She enjoys a good date night, an inexpensive glass of wine, and any story that can make her smile and/or cry.

Alexis’s first novel, “Losing Faith”, was released in September 2014. Her second novel, “Loving Emma”, is a standalone, though it does feature some characters from “Losing Faith”.

She invites you to visit her author pages on Facebook and Goodreads, and her website: You can also follow her on Twitter (@alexisjames27) or you can email her at:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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