Book #77: Sold for the Greek’s Heir by Lynne Graham

With this ring…  

After a whirlwind affair, Greek billionaire Jax Antonakos left Lucy Dixon heartbroken and—although he didn’t know it—pregnant! Now Lucy is determined to make a new life with her tiny daughter, yet when Jax sweeps back into her world, she cannot mask her instant response to his seductive charisma! 

…I thee buy!  

For Jax, a ready-made heir is well worth bidding for—especially when it guarantees making Lucy’s luscious curves his. He’s determined to stake his claim on her body—and their baby—by reminding her of their insatiable chemistry in the wedding bed!

Sometimes I am in need of a quick read. Even though I wouldn’t say romance is my favorite read, I don’t shy away from it most times. Harlequins are one of those guilty pleasure reads for me. Whenever I find myself recovering from a book hangover or trying to beef up my reading quota, a Harlequin isn’t far from my hands.

This specific book is the sequel to a Harlequin I finished earlier this year. I liked the previous book, the second in a trilogy, and I wanted to see how the last book fared in comparison. Now, I didn’t care for the way the male lead treated the female lead in the previous book. And, unfortunately, Jax seems to have the same caveman feel to him.

However, I found Lucy to be a stronger female lead than her older sisters. She needed to be. She is a mother of a toddler and she needed to protect herself, her daughter, and it shows in her characterization. I loved that about Lucy. She let herself be manhandled, but shortly after that, she told Jax how it was going to be. Kudos to her. After that, Jax did show some change. He was actually a sympathetic character.

In all, the book was very similar to the previous one in plot twists. I wasn’t too surprised with what happened and how it happened. I would have liked a different scenario between the two, but it wasn’t so bad that I disliked the book itself. For now, though, I’m going to hold back on the romance reads.

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