Book #81: Forgotten Worlds by Lexi Ostrow

Jeannette doesn’t want any part of her special Word Speaker gift. Her Guardian died, not from the war, but from something very human—cancer. Left with a young child and a heart broken beyond repair, Jeannette has no desire to ever draw another Guardian and turns her back on her gifts. On the war.
Jameson, second to the Horseman of the Apocalypse known as Pestilence, isn’t new to the game. His brother launched them all into the truth when he became a Guardian. Jameson has secretly wished for a Word Speaker ever since. All he wants is to escape the fate written for him, and he envies the happiness all three of his brothers have found.
On the run, not from evil but her own life, Jeannette forgets herself and begins to read. When Jameson appears before her, very real and very tempting, she’s thrown into a position she didn’t ever want to be in again. She can’t resist him, even though she wants nothing to do with his kind— Guardians. Jameson must convince Jeannette that they are meant to be, and not just because of the white-hot passion between them. If she can’t accept him, he faces a life left alone and no way to fight in a war that his family already has a stake in.

I received a copy of Forgotten Worlds from the author for an honest review. There was no compensation and everything that follows is my opinion.

Forgotten Worlds is probably my favorite in Ostrow’s Guardians series. In case you don’t know much about the series, her erotic romance series centers on a world war. In this war there are Word Speakers, people with the ability to bring to life a literary character who becomes their Guardian in this upcoming apocalyptic war.

Each of the books can be read as standalone, but to understand some of the minor characters, especially in this book, it is best to at least start with book 1. (By the way, it’s free on Amazon Kindle currently) Also, all of these books are erotic. So, please only 18 or mature readers. I don’t want to get in trouble recommending this to a person not ready for graphic sex scenes.

Anyways, this story is probably my favorite in the group as a whole. Jeannette is bitter and depressed after the death of her husband. She has a daughter that she tries to take care of, but the loss of a Guardian and husband can be too much for her. I love her because I understood where she stood when she argued with everyone. She wasn’t wrong in any of her arguments. Sure, she had a stubborn streak, but I would have been just like her if I was in her shoes.

What gets the story rolling is Jeannette leaving her daughter for a weekend trip. Sure, you could argue that a mother shouldn’t leave her kid for any reason, but I feel her leaving for a bit is fine. Even a happily married mom needs alone time sometimes.

Anyways, the romance between Jeannette and Jameson is definitely there. I actually loved the way these two interact more than Stryder and Ciara, Jameson’s brother and sister in law (also, the couple in book 1). Both Jeannette and Jameson are stubborn, but Jameson has a laid back quality that made his cockiness endearing.

I am starting to dislike trench coat brother (the good guy leader), but I feel his growing agitation is due to pent up frustration. I know there’s going to be a book with him in it and I am interested in what Ostrow has planned for him. And, can I just say that I keep thinking of Cas in Supernatural when trench coat comes up?

All in all, the book was good and the best in the series. I am excited for when Trench Coat gets his own book. It might make for a very interesting read.

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