Book Tour: The Endless Fart by Beatriz Rare

The Endless Fart
by Beatriz Rare
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
This is a very special day for Ralph the elephant, but a serious farting
problem is turning it into one of the most difficult days of his
life. A journey of strength and courage is the path for this adorable
character. Ralph will learn that being himself and telling the truth
is always the best idea.

The unique and hilarious illustrations of this story are guaranteed to
make any child laugh. Is this stinky gas bound to ruin Ralph’s
whole day, or will he be able to control this endless fart?
I received a copy of this book for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way. Unless you calls giggles a form of compensation. There were many giggles.
I have a five year old boy and in my family, farts are normal and funny. I was nicknamed Gassie Cassie when I was a baby for a reason. Should I be embarrassed about that? Because, I’m not. That said, the moment I saw the title of this children’s book, I knew I had to try and review it. It was a book Bug was going to love.
And in order to make this review interesting, I’ll state my opinion (I read it with and without Bug) about the book and then I’ll type what Bug tells me about his opinion. Word for word. Who better to review a children’s book than a child, right?
Gassie Cassie Thoughts: I found this book to be extra adorable. It had the adult issues that go with gas and social situations (work, date, etc.) and had a cute happy ending that makes an adult feel like passing gas all day may not be such a bad thing. Yes, I felt bad for the main character, but I was also pleased at where he ended up in the end. A very inoffensive book about bodily functions and the embarrassment that comes with it.
Bug Thoughts (revised to make sense by me): It was good and I liked it. I need a clothespin like those other elephants. I don’t want to be near a disgusting endless fart. EW! Me: would you want to read it again? Bug: Yeah . . . but, maybe later. I want to play with my Legos.
I tried to get a rating from him, but he was too involved with his Legos. That said, I think it’s safe to say that both adults and children will enjoy this book and find it funny or find something in the book that they can relate to.
Beatriz Rare lives in San Francisco with her husband and son. She was an
educator for 35 years. Besides teaching, she’s always had a passion
for drawing and writing. She especially likes to tell stories that
make children laugh as well as learn.
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