Book #117: Unspoken by A Lexy Beck and Book #118: Unseen by A Lexy Beck

Unspoken, Book 1 
Jennifer Dunning steers well clear of the dating scene, made cautious by the mistakes from her past that still haunt her. Starting a new job profiling for a big company, she thinks she has everything set. She’s ready to prove herself, and show her father that she won’t disappoint him this time. 

But a chance encounter with a gorgeous stranger leaves Jennifer in emotional turmoil. She is trained to read people, but she is just dying to know more about the enigmatic Cain. She doesn’t even know his last name, but despite her best efforts she finds herself falling for him. 

But when Jennifer discovers that Cain is keeping secrets from her, will she be able to get past the deception, or will she throw away not only her chance at happiness but her career too? 

Unspoken 2, Book 2 
Jennifer is stunned to discover that her new lover, Cain, is keeping secrets and now she begins to have doubts about their relationship. When her new job begins to uncover sinister information about one of it’s employees, Jennifer becomes concerned. 

Unspoken 3, Book 3 
Jennifer is alone, left by her lover for another woman, but everything isn’t as it seems. Can Jennifer and Cain survive the surprises that lie ahead for them? 

Unseen 1, Book 4 
Her kidnapper has been caught and Jennifer is trying to settle down with the man of her dreams, but the secrets Jennifer is keeping from Cain may just rip them apart. Unseen forces haunt the two as Jennifer is pulled into a new case that uncovers up old memories that hit too close to home. 

When the dust settles, will Cain still be the man of her dreams? 

Unseen 2, Book 5 
Shocking news has turned Jennifer Dunning’s world upside down as she struggles to keep the memory of her mother alive without losing every man that is close to her, including her lover, Cain. 

As she wrestles with a new discovery and link in her case, she realizes the truth is closer to home than she’s ever realized. 

Unseen 3, Book 6 
Jennifer’s life is rocked by news that has been delivered from a secret source and threatens to change everything she’s ever believed about her parents. As she struggles to balance her life with Cain and her busy career she realizes she must make a choice. Who will she choose or has the choice already been made for her?

I want to start out saying that I’m grouping these six books as two. The reason is because, each book is written in novelette or novella length. Besides, the set of books 1-3 is titled Unspoken and the set of books 4-6 is titled Unseen. That said, because it is in a boxset, it made sense to do the reviews in one post. So, forgive me for all of the text.

I actually liked the Unspoken trilogy better than the Unseen trilogy. Unspoken not only introduces the main characters, it has a stronger mystery involved. Though it was fairly easy to see where the book was going, I did like the tension between Cain and Jennifer. I liked the events that lead up to the end and I liked the reveal.

Unseen’s romance wasn’t as strong. Cain and Jennifer are together now, but there is a stalker still going on. That was actually taken care of early on in the story.  The main mystery was interesting and I did want to know more, but I feel it could have had more action. The romance too, that was medium.

In all, the boxset itself wasn’t bad. The books are quick to read and I am interested in more of Beck’s work. It isn’t a bad read for a person just wanting to pass the time quickly.

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