Book #122: Night of the Living Dummy by R. L. Stine

When twins Lindy and Kris find a ventriloquist’s dummy in a Dumpster, Lindy decides to “rescue” it, and she names it Slappy. But Kris is green with envy. It’s not fair. Why does Lindy get to have all the fun and all the attention? Kris decides to get a dummy of her own. She’ll show Lindy. Then weird things begin to happen. Nasty things. Evil things. It can’t be the dummy causing all the trouble, Can it? 



This is my second Goosebumps classic I’ve read this year. Will I read more next year? No idea, but I thought why not for this one. I actually haven’t read this one. I briefly remember seeing the episode and thinking Slappy was boring, but reading the book reminds me why that’s the case.

He isn’t the main antagonist. Nope, it’s not the dummy in the picture. It’s a different dummy. Not sure why this one popped up instead of Mr. Woody for the cover, but from the description, Slappy is creepier in my opinion.

The story itself was okay. We have twin girls who compete for everything. One seems to be a stronger personality, meaner, and possibly the favorite. The other is more quiet, nicer, and possibly less favorited. Not saying that either one is actually the favorite of their parents. I think that was more of a case of unreliable narrator.

I did find myself getting upset over Lindy’s antics. She was a b*tch. I’m putting it out there. I’m guessing she’s the oldest. Makes sense. I was a bit like that, but damn . . . she’s just plain mean. Kris is whiny.

I can see how this book is a favorite in the Goosebumps world. The dummies are creepy to look at. However, most of the conflict that occurs is explained and it isn’t what you think right off. I’m sure the other Dummy books are better and this is a great beginning to a creepy group of ventriloquist dummies. I would love to know who the person was that made them and the history of Slappy. Just saying.

Definitely a read for kids and parents. I’ll be getting Bug into Goosebumps. No doubt about it.

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