Book #4: Tales from the Underground by Various Authors

Under our feet lie countless realms of possibility. Join twelve writers as they explore those realms – discovering lands of fantasy, lands from our far future, lands of mystery. 

There are places full of wonders, full of terrors, full of visions of what could be. 

Join us, down here, in the dark.



I received a copy of this book from one of the authors for an honest review. I wasn’t compensated in any way. What follows is my opinion and mine alone.

I have read quite a few anthologies from Inklings Press. Each one had their own feel to them and worked with their own theme. The theme for this anthology is the Underground. Think caves, creatures living in caves, and anything. The choice is all the authors in what happens.

There are quite a few stories that hooked me fast and there were some that left me slightly confused. But, I feel as a whole, there is a lot going for the anthology that definitely appeals to many different reading palettes.

The first story left me wondering what really was going on in haunted caves. Others pulled me into well advanced worlds. Each story had an aspect that connects with the underground. The writing is well done and do put you in a space all its own.

I felt the anthology itself was a well made cohesive anthology. Was it my favorite from Inklings Press? Nope, but it wasn’t bad. Would I recommend? I do. There is enough of something for everyone.

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