Book #22: Last Summer by Lexi Ostrow

After four years, Leslie and Jacob the typical high school sweetheart romance. Only instead of staying together, they’re each headed to different sides of the country for college. Parting ways after the summer ensures no broken hearts from distance, studies or even other people. One summer is all they have left—if they can bring themselves to say goodbye when it’s over. 

I received a copy of Last Summer from the author, Lexi Ostrow, for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and my opinion alone. I wasn’t compensated for this review.

Last Summer is a quick short story about the last summer of two just graduated teens, Leslie and Kenner. Kenner is making plans for college in California whereas Leslie will be in New York. The four of them have been dating the four years of college and are now going to be separated. In a desperate decision, Leslie announces her plan.

What follows is a series of moments where the teens fight, make up, and then work on their relationship. This story is very short and only shows a tidbit of their growing love for one another. It does end on an epilogue, but I won’t get into that.

All in all, the story was cute. I would say it makes for a great reading palette cleanser. The romance was adorable and despite being a short story, the characters were believable. Honestly, that’s what I like about Ostrow’s work. Her stories can be short or long, but you’re going to find something to relate to the main leads.

My only criticism to this is that we don’t have a longer romance. We aren’t seeing the older Leslie and Kenner. I want to see that. But, that’s just me trying to find some bummy thing in this story. I definitely recommend those who just need a little bit of fluff in their lives.

Final rating: 3/5

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